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White collar crimes are often complex and serious cases. They require attorneys who are experienced in understanding the nature of the allegations, what constitutes actual evidence from the prosecution, and what the implications are if the federal government and agencies like the FBI or the Securities & Exchange Commission choose to become involved. Above all, a Little Rock white collar crimes lawyer must know how to proceed in conducting the vigorous and strategic defense strategy that every defendant deserves. 

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What is a White Collar Crime?

A white collar crime can be anything that is non-violent and where the purpose is financial gain. In some cases, a prosecutor might allege fraud or some other form of deceit. There are other cases where the charge might be a failure to fulfill a fiduciary duty. Professions like financial planning, accounting, and our own profession of law are just a few examples of work where the duty owed to clients is a legally binding responsibility. 

The description of white collar crime is broad, meaning the penalties that come with conviction will depend, in large part, on the nature of the crime itself, as well as the record of the defendant. Below are a few examples of some of the most common types of white collar crime.

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Common Examples Of White Collar Crimes


Embezzlement is more than a legal term for stealing, although in practice, that’s what it boils down to. It happens when the person who is charged with the crime also has the responsibility of overseeing the money involved. It is worth pointing out that there are cases where embezzlement charges can actually be an honest mistake. An example might be a business owner inadvertently blurring the lines between their business funds and personal funds and being reported by their partner. The problem is still a serious one, but not necessarily criminal, if intent cannot be proven by prosecutors. 

Healthcare Fraud

The insurance industry is complicated, as are the government programs that cover people’s medical expenses. A person might be accused of attempts to defraud either a private insurer or a government agency through overbilling. If the excess funds end up in one’s personal accounts, then healthcare fraud charges might end up linked to embezzlement charges. 

Money Laundering

Criminal organizations need to find a way to make their money “clean”, so increased funds in bank accounts and stock portfolios don’t arouse the suspicion of investigators. The process by which this is done is called laundering—turning what was dirty into something clean.  It can be very easy for an innocent person to become swept up in a money laundering case. The tactics for making money clean are usually multi-layered and often involve people who are completely unaware of what they are involved in. 

It's imperative that these people and all who are charged with money laundering be represented by an experienced Little Rock white collar crimes attorney. 

What Are The Penalties For White Collar Crimes?

The potential sentences that come with white collar crimes can include lengthy prison terms, particularly given the possibility that prosecutors might try to multiple crimes together. The above examples are ones that could easily be intertwined, meaning someone convicted could face sentences on all three. Other white collar crimes include mortgage fraud, identity theft, and a whole lot more. 

Defenses For White Collar Crimes

In Arkansas, there are legal defenses available to those accused of committing white collar crimes that can include:

  • The defendant was not aware of the criminal activity: A defendant who can prove they were unaware of criminal activity taking place may be pardoned from charges related to the crime.
  • Necessity or Duress: If an individual was forced into partaking in a crime through coercion or fear for their safety, this defense could be applied.
  • Entrapment: This refers to when law enforcement officers initiate an illegal activity and cause the accused party to participate.
  • Mistake or Ignorance of Law: This defense applies if the defendant had no concept that what they did was illegal at the time of the crime.
  • Lack of Intent: This can also apply if an individual was unaware that what they did was illegal at the time it transpired and did not intend to commit a crime until after it occurred.

Ultimately, if you are facing charges for a white collar crime in the state of Arkansas, it is important to consult with an experienced white collar crime lawyer, such as Omar F. Greene, who will aggressively defend you and your rights.

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The details of white collar crimes can be overwhelming. Prosecutors may seek to push frightened defendants into accepting a plea deal even if the evidence is not as strong as it might appear. An experienced Little Rock white collar crimes lawyer, one with a deep familiarity with cases like these, knows how to spot flaws in the prosecution’s case, to give their client the best advice, and to launch a smart, strategic, and vigorous defense. 

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